Monday, April 27, 2009

Busy Week at Corporate Planned, All Thoughts on Jelly

How could I NOT miss a face like that?!

Back in Boston. I can't really complain, since it's been so long (since December!). But that's partly why leaving again was so hard. I'd forgotten that pang, that physical tearing as my car pulls out of the driveway. Plus she's older and such a different person now. Now she's, well, a person. I feel like this trip she'll really notice I'm gone for the first time.

I know she's in good hands, loved and cared for and doted on.

I know she and I both need to learn to deal with this, and that I need to toughen up so I can put up a brave front so that she starts to understand that it's no big thing, mama will be home soon.

I know it's technically only three nights.

I know I'm very lucky, in this economy, to still have this great job.

I know I miss my baby. Kisses for Jellybean from far away tonight, my first and only. Mama loves you.


Shannon said...

Hope the rest of your trip goes well. The photos are on order. Remember to leave the white strip at the bottom when cutting the photo! Off to bed here. Oh lovely pillow...

Rector Funhouse said...

That almost made me cry. Have nothing to say other than don't beat yourself up because you're not tough enough. Missing your kid (and her missing you) just shows you love each other.

I can see the teeth!!!

Chris said...

What a cute face! Makes me want to kiss those cheeks.

I think you're very tough not only for being able to leave on these trips but for raising this child so far and doing such a great job. I have no idea where you found the strength to do this on your own especially those first few months. There's two of us taking care of baby G. and it's tough so you're pretty extraordinary for accomplishing this on your own.

My hat's off to you!

Fat Chick said...

Ooooooo!!! That's so tough!