Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Such an Overachiever

I also managed to get a post up at Triangle Mommies this week, here's the linkaliciousness -

And now it's back to work.

By 'work', I mean, 'eating stale Mike & Ike's' that I found while prepping my laptop bag for another tip to Boston. Yes, they taste oddly like tacos since they've been in there, open, since early December. But a chewy candy snack is still sugar, so don't judge. It was either that, or one of the chocolate caramels from the gift pack my sister sent when I had Jellybean. I'm a hoarder, what can I say? I was denied sweets as a child - this is what it does, people!

*Note: I do NOT feed Jennifer expired or questionable food. I am very conscious of checking labels and sniffing things. Just because yesterday I took a Xanax that The Ta gave me almost 6 years ago does not mean I will apply the same rules to my child. Although I did think that a Taco Bell Chicken Supreme Burrito was a suitable dinner for an 11-month old last night. Dudes, you should have seen her plow through that thing.


Richard said...

Cute post on triangle mommies. I need to find something like that in Atlanta. I probably need to find a support group - new mom's, etc. I should do a post on my blog site about the paradigm shifts I am having towards parents, particularly mom's who stay home (although I have littel desire to stay home full time.) Honestly, I had wondered (as a person with no children) who someone could be home all day and get what seemed to be "very little" accomplished. I had no idea it's because one is so unbelievable exhausted from lack of sleep and constant nurturing of another human, AND the fact that it take 3 times as long to do ANYYTHING or go ANYWHERE. I have a new found respect for these people who choose to have children. yes, we CHOOSE this. - but they payoff is - he's absolutely amazing. He melts my heart each time he smiles, and it kills me every time he cries... - wouldn't change a thing. (well, if I could be independently wealthy, have a full time cook, cleaning staff, nanny, butler, etc - that wold be nice....) :o)


Richard said...

PS - I blame all my typos on "baby brain".... :o)