Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Celebrating One Year of Someone Else Raising My Baby

Alright, Jellybean Fans (we need to come up with a cool name for you, like 'Claymates' or 'Potterphiles', only way less lame - how about, 'Beanheads'? No? Too insulting?), I need your help; one week from Friday will mark the anniversary of my awesome, sweet, Jelly-loving Nanny arriving at Le Maison de Haricot. One year she's been with us, can you believe that? Let me rephrase so you can understand the significance; for ONE WHOLE YEAR, someone has lived with me for five days a week, WITH ME, a known crazy person, and had me for a boss. Me. Quirky, crazy, and foible-licious. Bossy, hypersensitive, critical, and extremely unpredictable when it comes to the life and times of Jellybean-raising. So I need to come up with something really, really, nice for her.

I figure I'll 'help' Jenny make her some sort of cutesy hand-made card, with like handprints or footprints or boogers or something. And of course it goes without saying that there will be homemade cake of some kind. But what else? A gift certificate doesn't adequately say, 'I Love That You Love My Child and Take Real Good Care of Her So That I Never Worry'. I would never buy her accessories, or books, or music. She rents a tiny room, so I don't want to get her anything that will add to the clutter. And the house isn't hers, so anything like a magnetic fun-foam picture frame for the fridge is out of the question (you laugh, but I adore making fun-foam magnetic picture frames. You just may be on the receiving end one day, so watch out).

Please, please give me your best most brilliantest ideas for a terrific individual.

Here are some stats on her to help you out:
  • She's Mormon (so no porn or caffeine)
  • She has very pretty shoulder-length dark hair that she straightens (I just wanted to point out that I made the tragic mistake of hiring a good-looking nanny, and I've been very unhappy with my scraggly dishwater-brown hair lately)
  • She is usually in jeans, a polo, and flip-flops (if you got barfed on all day long, so would you)
  • She has a 14-month old baby boy who has a stinky butt (seriously, that dude empties a room)
  • She roadtrips to Virginia frequently to visit her Baby Daddy, whom she is engaged to (so maybe some sort of cheesy wedding planner? The wedding won't be for a few years, less or more depending on good behavior)
  • She doesn't like a lot of TV, or read any magazines, or have many hobbies other than Being a 21-Year Old Single Working Mother Just Struggling to Make it Through Each Day
  • She listens to country music
  • She doesn't like massages or mani/pedis (weird, huh?)

So there you have it. Please help.

In other news, Tata's niece is in town, and it's been a blast hanging out with her. She's very sweet with Jelly, and The Bean adores her. She even shared a booger with her, which we thoughtfully left at the swimming pool for others to appreciate.

Fletcher and Sissy, Bestest Buds, back when I had much happier hair


marit said...

Your hair is stunningly awesome in that photo. How did you do that?!?

Barb said...

How about tickets to some sort of country music festival and a gift certificate for free babysitting when she goes?

Billy said...

What about jewlery? A nice necklace or earings etc? Or one of those things you put in the bath tub for a nice long relaxing pampering bath?

And I like what Jenny will give her!

Shannon said...

I know she wants pictures in November so a gift certificate would probably be loved. I can make you a pretty one. :-)

Chris said...

Holy crap! No porn or caffeine?!?