Thursday, July 9, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods Part Deux

Like I said, the first week of vacation was hot and sunny. We spent a lot of time at my folks’ trailer, which is awesome. You get to meet all the other crazy summer people. By my third visit, my brother-in-law was suitably impressed with my advanced knowledge of the trailer park gossip as I called out greetings to passers-by. Jellybean was re-nicknamed Jellyfish, since she didn’t ever want to leave the water. I bought her one of those awesome floaty toys and she found it utterly despicable; she couldn’t put her face in the water and drown, so obviously it was utter crap. Which was for the best, since yesterday I learned it had been recalled. So I guess she just knew better than the rest of us? She greatly preferred being thrown back and forth between me and Grandpa, who threw out his shoulder hefting around Von Fattybottom.
My awesome brother, Uncle Dancey, did a LOT of this

My sister N and I both celebrated birthdays, so we had a combo party. We had a great cookout with my mom’s Totally Freaking Awesomely Delish Potato Salad, Aunt M read stories, Uncle Dancey walked Jelly around some more, and poor Jelly got all overheated and freaked out and I think homesick, and we had to go sit in the car until she calmed down. But it was great to have all the family together.

Coming back from the Farmer's Market/Street Fair

One of the most fun days was spent at the tiny local zoo with Nana (my mum has decided on that for her moniker). It was weird being there, in the town where I went to college. The zoo was kinda pitiful, with like two animals (a camel and a meerkat); they seemed to have blown their budget on a new awesome splashpad. For a totally free playspace, it totally rocked. Jellyfish and I squeezed our sweaty little bodies into swimsuits and had a blast.

They have a TRAIN!!!! I LOVE trains!

On the way home we stopped at a local dairy and I got the best freaking ice cream ever, called something like 'Algonquin Canoe' (the reason I ordered it, obviously), maple-flavored with chunks of fudge and love and caramel and stuff.

There were lots of nice relaxing opportunities the second week, Where it Started to Rain and Did Not Stop, for reading novels, watching movies, going out to dinner sans baby. I mostly shopped at the liquor store (they had the most delicious Blackberry/Lychee Vodka Cooler EVER) and listened to my father try to explain everyone's backstory on 'Mad Men', which I do not watch.

The best news is, working from their place was pretty uneventful. My brother did accidentally pick up the phone when I was on one conference call, but hung up quickly. The basement was a cool, quiet place to work, and Jelly enjoyed her time with her Nana and Boppa. This means that I will hopefully be able to do the trip again next summer, possibly for longer (if my parents' food budget can handle it).

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Chris said...

I love it! Jellyfish :)
Her little bonnet is adorable.

Oh and Mad Men is great! I've been totally addicted since It started.