Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods Part I

I made the tragic, horrendous mistake of leaving for our Great Northern Adventure shortly after lunch. In my uneducated head, I thought this was brilliant; Jellybean would take a nice long nap, have a snack, watch some DVDs, and drift off peacefully to sleep in the carseat. What happened was an extremely short nap, me throwing pretzels at her bottomless maw, me wrenching my shoulder from constantly picking up toys that she threw all over the car, and her screaming herself to sleep because OMG I’VE BEEN IN THE CAR A ZILLION YEARS AND I’M EXPECTED TO SLEEP HERE, TOO?! This wasn’t the worst part, though. We arrived at the hotel around 11, and Jenny woke up excitedly. Bright lights?! People talking?! Waiting ½ hour for the pack and play to come up to the room?! This is awesome! Sleeping in said pack and play, however, was not on her agenda. She hollered and kicked and sobbed and finally, being a business traveler in my other life who would have freaked out to have a screaming child in the room next door, I yanked her into bed with me. You know how that went. 1:30 am was what the cruel, cruel clock read when she finally settled down and stopped shoving her fingers in my eyeballs.

The next morning greeted us with drizzle and car exhaust, but, undaunted, we sallied forth. It was basically a lot of driving in rain and traffic, not much else to tell. Jelly was awesome, considering I had to change her diapers in pouring rain on the front seat in random parking lots several times (yes, that was great, thank you for asking) and, well, that she was in a car for an extra few hours due to fighting our way across Toronto.

The grandparents and aunts and uncles were thrilled to see us, and we had a great trip. We slept better and ate better than we have since, well, forever. Jenny slept an unheard of 8p-8a, with two 2-hour naps daily. Grandpa made homemade waffles. Grandma took us to the zoo. Uncle Dancey walked Jellybean EVERYWHERE.
I'm not so sure about this place...

This place is AWESOME!!!!!

The first week of our trip was hot and sunny, perfect weather to be at the trailer. The lake was gorgeous and refreshing, except for the 3 feet of yellow mustard-like pollen we had to wade through. Jelly’s nose basically had a Kleenex attached to it the whole trip, poor lil’ bit. The second week of the trip was cool and rainy, which I actually didn’t mind one bit. It meant lots of reading, and relaxing, and just hanging out. And eating poutine.

The 'Baby of the Lake'

Videos should be up soon, make sure to watch for the 'Ketchup On My Dirty Face' scene, or my least proud moment, 'Lip-Synching to Aqua'. If I'd been thinking about my vast internet fan base I would have at least put on some eye liner or something. And stay tuned for Part II, already in progress.

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