Monday, July 27, 2009

Someone Please Get My Car Inspected For Me

Who's the big kid?!
Phew! That’s all I’ve got to say. What’s with the past two Mondays? I’m having too much fun, I guess. It was another busy weekend, with all kinds of stuff going on. In order, the critical updates:

1. Friday was the hearing. Jellybean is now fully, legally, 100% mine, as declared so by a court of law. Can you believe a judge met me and still ruled that?! I was TOTALLY meek and very professionally dressed, as you can imagine, in a navy dress suit and HEELS and PEARLS. It was ridiculous. I had to be sworn in! I didn’t even think about that, it was cool, I had to raise my right hand and the whole bit. It took forever for my case to be called since there was a very full docket (see, here I am, slinging the lingo now). But it’s over and done and official, and Quiet has to sew a scarlett ‘CA’ on all his clothes for ‘Child Abandoner’ (his joke, which I have stolen for your enjoyment and reading pleasure). In case you're wondering who the heck she looks like in that picture above, it's all donor. I hardly ever see Quiet in her, and mostly just try not to think about it too much, but he is a good-looking guy luckily, and once in a while I catch a look that is pure him.
2. Tata’s niece CC and I went and saw ‘Harry Potter’. It was long. It was good. The Dumbledore scene made me catch my breath even though I knew it was coming. CC and I almost got in a car accident on the way home, some jerk in a fast truck crossed entirely into our lane going around a curve on a wet road in the dark. Luckily, I’ve been hit that way before so was quick to react and we were fine. CC was a total rockstar Friday night and babysat The Bean so Tata and I could go see ‘G-Force’. Yes, I used my invaluable babysitter time to see a movie about spy guinea pigs. Everytime Zach Gafflinakalamadingdong was on the screen I burst out laughing because, really, how can anyone see ‘The Hangover’ and NOT laugh when they see him? CC did an awesome job, and helped watch Jelly again on Sunday when I shopped the consignment sale, and I’ve got video of Princess Von Fattybottom walking. To CC. Still not to me or Nanny. Rotten child.
No walkies for you, mama! Just my BFF.
Also, CC wrote a guest blog post, which I will get typed up and posted shortly. It’s basically a list of all the weird, gross, crazy, embarrassing things Tata does all day long, as observed by a tween. It’s hilarious, you’ll love it.

Yep, I'm a dork. Check out that sweaty beach-napping baby though.

3. Jellybean and I went to the lake again, and once again I tried to drown her. I can’t even talk to people about it. I thought it would be fun to play on an inflatable toy, and for a brief time it was. She was sitting up on one of those raft-type things, I was in the water opposite her, holding onto her, at about shoulder depth. Then Jelly kicked her fat little slippery foot right out of my hand, and she toppled over backwards and upside-down underwater. It was awful. Time stopped. The two steps I took through the water to get to her felt like forever. And she sank so fast. I had time to think, ‘All these people around me, and no one can help me quick enough’. I grabbed her ankle just as she was disappearing from sight into the dark water beneath me and hauled her up. She’s a Jellyfish, so she just sputtered a bit and looked indignant, didn’t even cry, and wanted to go right back to dunking her head under. I may cut the raft into little tiny pieces. Let’s never speak of this again.
4. Sunday morning was the big exhausting consignment sale. I sold a lot of my stuff, so we’ll see how well I did in a few weeks when I get my check. I picked up a lot of fall/winter items for Jelly, but was worried about sizes so got mostly leggings and tops, a super-cute sailor coat, some jammies. I also picked up some stuff for her for Christmas – a big ‘Fur Real’ dog, lots of hand puppets, a dolly and some of those toy bottles that look like the milk/juice is disappearing when you tilt ‘em. I love those things.

I hope everyone has a good week, and I’ll post the awesome Tata post probably tomorrow.

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Rector Funhouse said...

AGH! I meant to ask about the hearing! Glad to hear that it went well and you get to keep the Jelly. You'd have an awful lot of sailor suits to get rid of, otherwise.

She's a stinker that she won't walk to you or nanny but darling to see the steps anyway. Soon she'll be running!