Thursday, July 16, 2009

If It's Thursday, It Must Be Somebody's Birfday

Happiness is a jar of Canadian candy on my desk
Thank you all, my loyal Beanheads, for your great ideas. Unfortunately I was reminded late yesterday afternoon that TODAY was Brittney's 1-year anniversary, so I made an emergency run to Target and put together a 'travel giftpack' for her. My theme was, 'Something You Need', since, uh, we need her. She's getting ready to go to UT this weekend for her brother's wedding, and she is totally a last-minute packer, so I got a really nice travel valet case (one of those that has lots o' zippered pockets that you can hang up) and bought all kinds of things to fill it with. Like travel wipes, and Neosporin To Go, and shampoo/conditioner/eye makeup remover, etc. Nothing too exciting, but I was able to keep it under $50 and she'll definitely be able to use it. Jellybean and I dug out my Fiskars Embosser and made her a GORGEOUS card, in black and white with a baby pic of Jelly from a year ago on the front. I wrote her a nice little sappy note inside that was very heartfelt. Hopefully she knows that we appreciate her! I can still remember that first week, when she took Jenny to her house for the day, how sick to my stomach I felt because OMG A TOTAL STRANGER TOOK MY BABY.

Really, I am just so very thankful everything turned out.

Here are some pics taken in the last week or so. Tata's niece 'Sissy' and Jelly and I hung out at our favorite pool. It was a little overcast, which made for some cool looking pics.
This morning I dug out the travel stroller for nanny to take with her to the wedding, and the kids decided it was the most fun toy ever.

Happy Birfday, Tata!

Jellybean celebrates with a Cheese Grits Facial at the Haricot Spa

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Rector Funhouse said...

Yay for nanny!

But who are those big kids playing with the carseat/stroller???