Monday, April 18, 2011

All the World's a Sunny Day

Having a penchant for carnival-style birthday parties means tightening my purse strings in other areas (no, really; when I close my eyes and picture Jellybean’s Third Birthday Party there are entertainers on stilts riding unicycles juggling flaming batons, and those people don’t come cheap). Since I obviously can’t cut back on beach trips or extravagances like toilet paper and deodorant, I was looking at doing Jenny’s 3-year pictures myself. Then my good friend Scattermom, who has taken many an awesome informal playdate pic of The Jelly, came up with a deal I couldn’t refuse; if we would be her guinea pigs, she would do our pics. See, she is doing a photography class here and there with some sort of ADHD-attention to it that I don’t understand but really want her to finish, because she has incredible talent and I think she could make a lot of money (even though that’s not suppose to be important, screw it, it’s always important, hello, it’s money). Anyhow, I gave her permission to use our pics however she wants; for her portfolio, for Facebook advertising, for French modeling, whatever; and she does all the work – for free.

AWESOME deal for me, how could I refuse? Also, she brought me breakfast. She's a really good friend, did I mention that?

So that’s how Jellybean and I ended up spending a totally great, relaxed, gorgeous morning yesterday at a beautiful park with a wonderful friend, playing and talking and having the occasional cup of imaginary tea. And getting some absolutely beautiful pictures of my soon-to-be three-year-old girl.

I think the local folks should comment about how they’d love her to do their pics and how she needs to finish the damn class and start her own business. Except for my usual photographer, who has a right to want to have some sort of Photographer Fight Club thing. Except that Shannon is extremely gracious and would probably instead offer to sell her old equipment for a great deal or something like that, or give her tips. Hmm, now that I think about it, Scattermom did say she would want to do this with a partner, so maybe an introduction is in order…

Look at this gorgeous, great big almost-three-year old girl. She IS a Rock Star.

How old are you going to be in May, Jenny? Ah, ok.
Two ladies, enjoying some tea. She has a paint-your-own china tea set coming her way for her birthday that I think she is going to enjoy VERY much.

She wanted to do some fishin'. Her grandfather (and great-grandfather, and several uncles) would be very proud.
Friday is Cincinnati – time to start packing! Just kidding, you know I’m already packed.
Hope everyone has a good week. Jelly is at Miss Nicole's while MsD is on vacation at a fabulous beach house. Spring Break here for many. I hope she does ok. It's a four-day week for me, so that is exciting.

Oh - and a tornado almost hit my house Saturday. Yes. It was kinda scary here Saturday in NC. I have to call the city and see about getting a new garbage can, so I'm one of the lucky ones. Something like 91 tornadoes in all touched down around the area, I think, setting a new record. Yeah, tell me again we're not doing anything to the environment. So apparently now we need more money in the budget to get more snow plows AND some air raid sirens in Raleigh.

And finally, some last bits of pretty for your week.

Look how lucky that lady there is. Don't worry, she knows it.

Also, I bought that outfit a year ago. I'm so compulsive. It's from Gymboree (online) if you love it as much as I do. Or, I have one that's gently worn for sale that I'll give you a deal on.


marit said...

Pretty, pretty pictures, lady. And I recognize that pink chair! You're getting some milage outta that, baby!
Have a WONDERFUL time in the 'Nati. I'll be thinking about you guys and I hope you have a safe trip. My love to everyone - I wish I could be there.

DannieA said...

awww 3 years old! Congrats Jenny and Mom! Love the pictures.

Single Mom 2b said...

Precious photos of your precious Jelly! Glad to hear you faired the storms... sounds like the storms ATTACKED Eastern NC while here in Charlotte we just got big rain & wind... nothing near what you got. Glad you are safe! Happy Birthday Jelly!!

Stephanie said...

I just love you. Because I love anyone that heaps praise upon me. And because I'm 1000 times harder on myself than I am on anyone else.

Loved, loved, loved hanging out with y'all. For the rest of my days, I'll never see a little pink chair without laughing.

Shannon said...

I was wondering if you were ok after the storms - they were awful!

Love the pictures, she is so darn cute!

MommieV said...

Love the pictures - love the tea party! Wish your hat wasn't cut off so much, would love to see it in full.

You could have a Bubble Truck come, but I bet he'd charge you for gas, and that's a lot of tp and deo, so maybe not.

DannieA said...

BTW I've nominated you for one of those bloggy award thingys. If you'd like to claim it, hop on over and grab it from my blog.