Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

We're counting down - this time tomorrow we should (c'mon, Delta!) be in the 'Nati, on our way to a long weekend of cousins and too much to eat and staying up too late and belly laughs and some drinks with a high alcohol content. And lots and lots of 'choklit' for one little girl.

This one.
Who, an Easter not so very long ago, was this one.
Her Easter basket will be filled with utter ridiculousness. I bought one of those little baby Build-a-Bear creatures, a panda bear, RANDOMLY, with two little outfits. One of them is an Easter outfit. Yes, they saw me coming. But yesterday morning, when Jelly was getting dressed, wouldn't you know it, talking about Easter she said, NO LIE, 'The Easter Bunny will bring me treats and choklit and a panda!'. Toddlers are strange, strange creatures.

I also got one of those electronic eggs that calls out to the kid when you hide it. I played with it for a little while and found it pretty annoying, so we'll see how that goes over with The Bean. There are some soccer-ball plastic eggs, and a little egg that you put in water and it hatches into a little duck, which I REALLY wanted to play with, and some little baby chocolate chicks because DAMNIT 'Max and Ruby', if there wasn't a chocolate chicken in that basket there was going to be hell to pay come Easter morning. I figured I'd wait til I got to Cincinnati to get the actual basket and anything else, like an accordion or live pony (actually, I really need to get a replacement harmonica, but those are unsurprisingly hard to find). Oh, and I got one of those inflatable bunnies. They're hard to find! I bought two, an extra for next year just in case. That was my fondest memory of Easter. I hope it squeaks.

I feel silly, but it seems like parents go all out for Easter nowadays. I was totally taken aback by the Valentine's stuff this year; it's like we have to make every holiday Christmas. To be fair, my parents gave us toys for Easter, but that's because they were hippies so we didn't get chocolate or candy, so we got toys to make up for the lack of delicious sugar surprises. I would have much preferred a giant hollow chocolate bunny to a skipping rope or kite. Although I really did love that red satin baseball jacket, I would never have traded that for jellybeans or crappy Peeps.

Anyone else going crazy, or am I the only one?

**Note: I actually bought 3 Build-a-Bear outfits for the stupid panda. That I am going to have to dress.


DannieA said...

he he he....ok this is where I'm laughing hysterically at MY parents....

my daughter is getting a barrage (I kid you not, I saw the closet) a barrage of toys from Poppa and Ta and getting her own Easter egg hunt as well as taking her to one in a nearby city....

reason I'm laughing...I was denied all this fun because bunnies and easter eggs were oh really where is supposed "pagan theme" now huh?

ha ha ha....even if they weren't going to do it I was, so there ya go.....all out for Easter.

Enjoy your luv bug bunny. I love it! Safe Travels

Stephanie said...

@DannieA-- they are *totally* pagan. Eggs + bunnies = fertility.

As I've explained to Z, to offset the whole leprosy thing. Stupid preschool.

Anywho-- I feel as if you are calling me a hippy...since my kids are getting geotrax. And a climbing structure thing for the backyard (instead of the helicoptering teeter totter). Maybe some roller skates.

Best of all? MAGNETIC LAWN DARTS. Yes, lawn darts that will only concuss, rather than stab.

I'm a good mom.

Andrea said...

Easter Bunny brought me a nice facial . Thanks Cathi-bunny!

I'm Tiffany. said...

Today: Build-a-Pandas. Tomorrow: Barbies with shoes that'll go missing as soon as you open the box.

DannieA said...

remember those posts you did about online dating? omg, I recently started reading this blog...(I have a very weird sense of humor) and thought you *may* appreciate these: (note, the blog is very um dry, crass wicked humor)