Friday, April 1, 2011


A quick update since this day is getting away from me and I wanted to round out my highly successful week of posting. I can't stop reading that last post, it cracks even me up. Seriously, look at those guys. Ahh, you gotta laugh.

The dude I messaged was scared off. He probably peed himself in fear and went and messaged some nice quiet girl and they went to dinner at Applebee's and drove off in their separate beige Camry's and had a very pleasant time.

However, our nice Bottom Left messaged me. He didn't enrage me with an offensive opening line like 'hay u r an extremely sexy lady' or 'coffee, tea, me turned over your knee, or all three?' (to that dude I wrote back, 'sadly, there is no fifth option, so I decline') and seemed reasonably literate and coherent, so I wrote him back. I was straight up and pointed out the whole no-church-y thing again, though, just in case he'd missed it. And I can tell by his logon time that he saw my message. But no response. Better now than later.

There's still Dude with Dog.

EDIT: OMG YES I hate it when fat guys are like, 'No fatties'. WTF?!!!! Are you all muscle mass over there or something? Do you think I got this gut from pounding beers, no, I HAD A BABY. So at least I have an excuse. Also, I went through a period when I ate cheese fries a lot when I was depressed. A LOT. BUT STILL. Sheesh.


Shannon said...

The cheese fries thing just made me snort. I haven't snorted from laughing in months! Thanks. :)

Genkicat said...

I've been laughing for a couple of days since I read your post! OMG too funny. Good that you are out there - although, given your options I'm not sure why.