Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think they're calling it bipolar now

I received a blog award from the very sweet DannieA over at It’s You and Me Kid!, where she blogs about being a single mama to her adopted daughter whom she refers to as 'Tigger', which I think is freaking adorable. Like winning any blog award, there are rules you are suppose to follow, like graciously thanking the person who nominated you (thanks!), and then blah blah blah. Which I am not going to do, because OMG there are way too many things to do this week. Sorry. You already know more than 10 things about me, and there’s no way in hell I could come up with 15 recently discovered bloggers, because I only read the same people over and over, because who has time for those kinds of shenanigans? Hello, I have a toddler, I fall on my lumpy filthy couch with an equally dirty blanket half-covering me at 8:20 pm and lay there, comatose, paying attention to really neither my laptop nor the TV on Law & Order SVU until 10pm, at which time I crawl upstairs to my bed filled with mismatched slippers shaped like either dogs or Santas and die. Err, fall asleep. But I will still take the damn award, since I am obviously a versatile blogger; I can write lovely, happy posts, and I can write moody, self-pitying posts. Look at my range. Do you think Jelly will know her mother is manic depressive? Eh, I figure as long as there are more highs than lows, or at least more middles, things are still ok.

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DannieA said...

Bwwahahahahahahah that was the best award speech evah!

I'm glad you took it anyways