Thursday, April 7, 2011

Next topic, please.

That was it, I swear. I will post about something different next. Like, something actually about the cute kid, or this @#$%! pollen, or the horrible job, or the fact that I'm suppose to be planning a 3rd birthday party but this year, I just can't find the energy or motivation to do it, and people that attended last year's extravaganza tease me about how it's going to be so big and awesome and I want to cry. Or that maybe the meds are causing a teensy bit of depression after all. Who knew?! So that's interesting. The good news is we're coming into summer, which is the Jellybean household busy season, so there will be lots of things to keep us ocupado, and I know a lot of the problem is I'm super behind on sleep. But my parents will be here next month, and my awesome caregiver has offered to keep Jelly for a sleepover when cousin J and I celebrate her birthday next month, so I just need to pull it together a bit and then beg my mum to help me clean the house before people show up. Or have it at the McDonald's up the street.

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