Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Okey dokey, folks, where were we. Had some sleep, doing a little better. You can tell because I started this post with ‘okey dokey’ and not hysterical sobbing. Also, because I actually wrote something. Although, interestingly, you could tell things were starting to get bad because I started writing a lot and I got really funny. I get punchy when I’m tired, and I want to avoid real life. So while you were probably entertained, it was a bad sign. So if you’re enjoying my blog in the future – call for help.

So, yes, the awesome MsD took the kid for a night so I got two extra scoops of sleep which apparently was what I needed to catch me back up and make me feel more like a normal person and less like someone who eyed the vodka a little too lovingly. Work is still making me pop the Tums, but nothing I can do about that for the time being except keep treading water and gulping air when I can, so that’s the short-term plan and maybe when my parents are here and I have even MORE sleep, I can take some time to look at the whole thing a little more objectively and see if I can’t patch some holes and get things back on track a little better.

In the meantime, it’s almost Easter.

And you know what that means.

Since last year you got The Bunny Cake, this year I give you – Jellybean Mama’s Easter Cupcakes. Yes, it’s true, I do not like to do anything the easy way. I like to do things the cute way, or the funny way, or the irritating way. But never the quick or easy way. Especially not when it comes to making a splash in the preschool classroom. That class has the worst parent participation I’ve ever seen. But it makes it that much easier to show everyone up provide a nice special treat for the kiddies.

You start with your basic cupcake. This year I went with Cherry Chip. It felt Spring-y. And look how cute those little papers are! To be honest, I may have bought several different varieties. I have LOTS of baking supplies.

So then you tint some coconut. And then you tint your fingers. Then you tint your counters and floor, and your socks for weeks to come. A year from now, you’ll wonder why something has green on it for no good reason, but by then it will be St. Patrick's Day and time to dye something green anyhow so it won't really matter.

See where I’m going with this?

Ok, yes, it is kind of easy.

But then – what’s this? Hopping down the bunny trail?

I was kind of tired by the end, so got a little careless with snipping the marshmallows, so some of the ears were a little devil-horn looking. And the Twizzlers were dirty sticky bitches, so you may have noticed that some of the devil bunnies do not have whiskers. I appreciate that you kept silent about that. Regardless, the little preschool children were all very happy with them apparently, although I did not get to attend the party because my evil job meant I had to fill in on an important call for my boss who got called out of town.

So cute, she did not want to let go of her basket for an instant.
I'm saddened because tomorrow, the Day of 1000 Easter Egg Hunts, is also SEVERE WEATHER WARNING day. Hail, seriously? This time last year we were berry picking and going to the lake and doing all kinds of awesome much-warmer-weather things. I mean, I know I complain when the weather is too hot too soon, but some places are still getting snow. That is just silly. But I gotta tell you, it was nice to not sweat at the Ren Faire last weekend.

My fairy princess - with a sword. Mama is so proud. Hit mama on her arm guards, sweetie.


Shannon said...

You are way too crafty in the kitchen!

We've already gotten rain here - expecting the storms in a few hours. Which is weird. When do we ever get storms in the midmorning? I hope the weather forecasters are wrong and your Egg Hunt plans aren't foiled!

bunintheovenplease! said...

Beautiful cupcakes - Congrats!
Also I wanted to let you know - I have not forgotten that you tagged me - but I am a complete dunce with computers. It took me three days to figure out, how when I copied and pasted your questions - nothing showed in my text (you write in white)!. I have just a couple of other similar hurdles - I get home in a few days to a source of help- but have not forgotten. ( And lets face it, my Good News - has taken just far Too much energy to leave room for anything else!)