Friday, May 1, 2009

Uneventful Travel and Glad to Be Home

'Driving' the Nanny crazy. Get it?! I'm really tired, sorry. Don't they look BIG?!

I’m HOME! Yay!
Thank you to everyone and all your nice comments. After my sappy crying-alone-in-my-hotel-room post, things got a lot better. At least, there were donuts. I was too busy with work to really stop and feel sorry for myself, although I definitely looked at the clock throughout the day and thought about what Jellybean was doing.

The meeting at Corporate (which I was running with a coworker) went really well, and my boss was very happy. Yay, job security! I volunteered myself for a few action items, but they’re pretty manageable, and some interesting stuff, so it’s all good. I once again made tragic meal mistakes (as if I thought it was a good idea to eat a 1 ½ lb lobster? Sushi at the airport?!), but slept well and got to have Starbucks every morning, which is stupidly thrilling.
My boss is on the left, wisely covering her faceWe got along until the one on the right spilled his guts, then I wanted to barf at the smell of seafood for the rest of the night

Jennifer J. had a good week, except in the early evenings. Hmm, I wonder why she would start to meltdown at around 5pm every day, and cry through dinner and her bath? Apparently she is very in tune to the fact that mama usually comes downstairs from working every day around that time, so despite being happy and having a great time with Nanny during the day, she was looking for me when she knew I should be there. Kinda cute. And a little sad. She was very happy to see me when I got her up this morning, and I was pretty stoked to see her. She’s hanging out with The Ta for the morning, since Nanny is off for the day preparing for her son’s 1st birthday party tomorrow. So hard to only spend a few hours with her and have to ship her off again! I’m going to sneak out and meet them for lunch, though, and then see if I can get some work done with her hanging on me (yeah, right).
What is this runty little thing? Can I eat it? Jelly is more of a 'big dog' gal
Tomorrow will be busy; I need to put in an appearance at my favorite dental hygienist’s baby shower (have I already mentioned this? It’s not really as weird as it seems; I’ve been going to my dentist for like 11 years, and they knew all about my struggles to be a mom, and the hygienist was trying for years and doing fertility drugs finally and is now pregnant with TWIN GIRLS! So excited for her!), then driving a zillion miles in the other direction to go to the birthday party. Crap, must wrap all gifts sometime between now and then. Anywho, should be fun, and I think we’ll get to see Cousin J. on Sunday, which will be nice.

It was a weird feeling having the Nanny stay at the house this week. 13 years ago I use to house-sit/kid-sit for a woman, and I still remember how great it was – extra money when I was making nothing working in daycare, a fridge and pantry full of food, a huge comfy bed. I realized that I was that person for my Nanny this week, and it was weird because I feel like I’m still 24 years old most of the time. Especially now that I’m a mom, and I’m back to being in a financial and emotional crisis every other minute. I’m just glad, as Jelly’s first birthday rapidly approaches, that she’s had Nanny for her first year. As the savings account dwindles and I look around for things I can sell so I can keep her a little while longer (the Nanny, not Jellybean), I wonder what a different kid Jenny might be without her, and am glad I didn't have to find out.

Not one, but TWO new hit singles as invented out of desperation by Jellybean Mama!

‘The Banana Song’ (uh, not really sure of where I picked up this tune, I’ll get back to you. Or I’ll post a clip of me singing it, which would be much more painful for everyone)

Banana, banana, banana,
We eat dem all day long;
And when-a we eat-a banana,
We sing de banana song.

Oh, banana, banana, banana,
Banana make you strong;
When you eat-a banana,
You grow up big and strong.

‘The Car Song’ (sung to the tune of, ‘Baby Bumblebee’)

Oh, Jelly’s in the backseat of the car,
Crazy mama drivin’, we won’t get very far.
Oh, Jelly’s in the backseat of the car;
What’s – up – JELLY?!

(subsequent versus based on whatever the small unhappy child happens to be doing, for example:)

Oh, Jelly’s very grumpy in the car,
Listenin’ to her screamin’, we won’t get very far,
Oh, Jelly’s throwing her toys in the car;
What’s – up – JELLY!

Oh, Jelly’s drinking apple juice in the car,
If she pours it down her carseat, we won’t get very far,
Oh, Jelly’s very thirsty in the car;
What’s – up – JELLY!


Naomi said...

when you said banana song, my first thought was this the Peanut's speech therapist mentioned it, and now it's a big hit in our house.

glad you and your gorgeous little one survived the time apart.

Billy said...

I used to suck my fingers just like that!

Chris said...

I like your songs. We're definitely going to be singing the banana song around here. I probably make up songs for baby G every week or so but they're lame and I forget them quickly. Have been meaning to find some baby song cds but no luck on time or $$.

Yay for being reunited with the Jellybean!