Monday, May 11, 2009

Calm? I would like to go to there

No time for real post, too busy panicking about parental unit's impending arrival Friday and first born's birthday party Saturday. Please to enjoy photos of cute baby. Hum 'Banana' song if you wish for entertain you.

She was giggling to herself, and I turned around to see this. Delicious toes.

Ponytail gal

94 degrees and sunny - time to go to the lake!

Yep, she's a climber.

EDIT: 2 new videos in sidebar


Chris said...


Naomi said...

We have the same car mirror, sippy cup and sun hat! lol Brilliant minds think alike :)

Jellybean Mama said...

Thanks! I freaking LOVE that little black outfit, although it tiptoes dangerously close to the 'prostitot' category. Now, if only she had heeled flip-flops...

Naomi - that's too funny! I love it!