Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We're Going to Party Like We're Turning Nine

See, I'm not drinking alone, so it's ok*
Another quick post, since I am still in preparing-for-birthday madness and why-do-I-have-to-also-still-do-this-crappy-job-oh-yeah-to-pay-for-birthday-parties mode. In 'Why, Yes, I'm a Crazy Person, Thanks for Asking!' news, I have spent the better part of the last few days and evenings hand-making construction paper 'Yo Gabba Gabba' figures as decorations for the parties. These aren't little tiny things, either. The tallest, Muno (my personal favorite, which you might have guessed), is about 3 feet. I'm going to find some place to take them and get them laminated tomorrow, so that Jellybean can enjoy my labors of love long after the party without totally destroying them.

Speaking of my ridiculous obsession with making Yo Gabba stuff for her party, my Muno pic was posted over at Gabba Friends! I feel like a celebrity. I promised more pictures after her party, of the cake and gift bags and the decorations.

Speaking of my baby turning one, my sister N and I were having a conversation about when to officially stop referring to your baby as a 'baby', and start referring to her as a 'toddler'. N said she thought it was when they started walking. I thought that cruising was almost walking, so it was kind of a grey area. After this weekend though, I have a definitive answer. Your baby stops being a baby when they treat something ELSE like their baby. For example, up until now Jellybean has been rather ambivalent about dolls. After receiving a Foofa from The Ta, she has carried that thing everywhere. She cuddles it, and gives it pats, and constantly hands it to me and Nanny for us to give it kisses. My baby now has her own baby to love and snuggle. I think that makes her a toddler. It's very sweet to watch, and it's a very important step in emotional growth, blah blah blah. It makes me both proud and sad, a feeling I'm starting to experience more and more as I watch her change in front of my eyes.

And, also, she's cutting her first-year molars so PLEASE KILL ME NOW OH DEAR SWEET BEJEEBUS. Increased drooling, erratic appetite, diarrhea, on-and-off low-grade fevers, a fun new high-pitched screech when she's mad or tired, crying herself to sleep, separation anxiety and hold-me hold-me HOLD ME NOW, DAMNIT, I DON'T CARE THAT YOU HAVE A MILLION THINGS TO DO. Dr. N said it sounded like teething and it was confirmed this morning when Nanny peeked into her shrieking mouth. Nice red, swollen gums, yep.

But still, so fracking cute!
*The reason there are so many bottles is because I don't get to drink anymore. If I didn't have a baby, there would probably be nothing in that pantry corner except for cobwebs and a half-empty bottle of something lame like peach schnapps. And yeah, that's one side of my pantry floor, are you totally jealous?! It's ENORMOUS! The red crate on her left is PARTY STUFF!!!!

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Rector Funhouse said...

AHA! Teeth. They'll get you every time.

Poor, poor Jenny. Bad timing for molars, what with big birthday party and family trip. She's a trooper, though.

p.s. Was just reading the CP Style Guide and it says, "Infant describes a baby that is no more than a few months old; a baby is a child who is not yet walking. Toddler describes a child around the age of two, while a preschooler is between the ages of three and five."

So technically, you still have a baby!