Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Memorial Day! To All a Good Night!

Are you even suppose to say that? I mean, isn't Memorial Day about honoring dead soldiers or something? I don't feel right, it's like saying, 'Happy Anniversary of Your Kitten's Passing!' (note: if someone's kitty just went to kitty heaven, I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to be insensitive, I actually really like kitties, I'm just very very allergic so I think I may be a little bitter because I can't have one, plus Jelly apparently is a dog person so I'm doomed because everyone knows I'm not going to get what I want with her around). Anyhow, I hope all y'all have a nice long weekend, especially those of you with a baby or trying to get a baby, because moms and wanna-be-mums need extra love. And either alcohol or chocolate. Or some of each, or both mixed together like a Chocolatini.

I am going to go barf because I'm so keyed up about leaving for Cincinnati on Friday.

Should I go see 'Star Trek' tonight like the dork I am? I really want to, but part of me is like, 'ugh, so much showering and doing your hair, and you really should re-pack for the 800th time, and don't you think you should be the one putting Jelly to bed since she's going to have such a schedule interruption already this weekend?'. So, I think I know the answer. It just doesn't seem right not to take advantage of my parents being here more. But, so tired! As always, sleep wins over everything.

I guess that's my wish for everyone on this fine May day - I hope you get the sleep you need and deserve this long weekend. Lame? Yes. Heartfelt? Oh, hellz yeah.

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