Monday, May 4, 2009

A Perfect Mommy-Brain Weekend

Jelly's favorite TV-watching position

This weekend I SHOULD have had a fun-but-hectic Saturday morning, meeting up with my Dental team for a 10:00 am baby shower and then high-tailing it back 175 miles in the opposite direction for The Nanny's son's first birthday party. However, it went something more like this:
6:30 am - Get baby up and dressed in what ends up being only first of many outfits of the day. Shower and dress self in what is suppose to be first outfit of the day but ends up being only outfit of the day. Do hair. Throw in some laundry just from force of habit ('walk past laundry room, insert laundry into washer, wet clothes into dryer, dry clothes either onto bed or back into laundry bag, where I will almost definitely end up accidentally re-washing them')
7:30 - Give baby breakfast. Note how she cutely rubs scrambled eggs into hair. Change her clothes. Turn on electronic babysitting device, 'TV'. Actually apply makeup.
8:30 - Wrap shower gifts and birthday presents. Baby kicks holes in wrap and shreds tissue before devouring. Pink tissue paper is obviously much more delicious than scrambled eggs. Look at crappily wrapped gifts, sigh, and realize all skills are totally gone as a result of doing things with screeching baby constantly at elbow or on lap.
9:15 - Nanny generously picks up baby ON THE MORNING SHE IS GIVING HER SON'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY so that I can leave for the baby shower. Nanny is a superhero. I will be in my underwear and tears and drinking martinis at 9:30 am the morning of Jelly's birthday party. Leave for baby shower.
10:00 - Arrive, ON TIME! at supposed location of baby shower. Parking lot is empty. Stare at cell phone and will it to magically insert useful phone numbers, since I don't exactly have my dentist's home number and the RSVP number was the (closed) office phone.
10:15 - Give up and drive all the way home, imagining scenarios in head where they changed the date or time or location and just didn't tell me.
11:00 - Arrive home. Check invite. Notice as if reading for the first time ever that there are two separate lines for 'Location' and 'Hosted By', which I somehow had mixed up. 'Hosted By' was The Office, which is where I was sitting in my car, crying with frustration. 'Location' was my dentist's home address. Angry at self because I still can't call anyone to tell them why I'm not there. Leave for birthday party, grumpy and sweaty.

11:15 - Arrive at birthday party. Yay, hot dogs and balloons and presents! Jelly smears all those things on her outfit, eats more than anyone else there, and passes out. I strip her to avoid wasting more precious clothing.
Yup, 'mommy brain' is the bestest thing ever. I was sooooo disappointed. Luckily I have an appointment Wednesday so can take the gifts and apologize for my stupidity.

Yesterday Aunt J. hung out for a few hours, which meant I could actually make a homemade present for Jelly, which was awesome. Yay, I accomplished something! I am not what you'd call a 'strong sewer', more like, 'someone who hates to follow directions and is too impatient for patterns or doing beginner stuff', so I basically just drew myself a picture of what I wanted to do and then, uh, started to cut. As a result, I didn't compensate for little things like 'seams' or 'feet', so the proportions are way off and it's definitely a handmade item that looks very little like what it's suppose to. But I love it! And it's enormous, so it should be fun for her.
Today I am on day one of a two-day conference call meeting, blergh. Fortunately this means I am able to write some posts. I got tagged, so I'll be posting my 8 Things here shortly.

Have a good week, everyone!

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Chris said...

You've got mad sewing skillz lady! That Muno is pretty good.

Does anyone follow patterns anyway? That might be why I never finish any sewing project .. damn sleeves are never identical.