Thursday, July 3, 2008

If It's the Fourth of July Weekend, I Must be Watching ID4


Welcome to the all-new and exciting, no-batteries-required, available-in-44-flavors, blog!

Why 'Jellybean Mama', you ask?

Because after was a raging success, I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl who was promptly nicknamed 'Jellybean'; partially because it fit well with her given name, a little bit because her G-Pop likes food nicknames for children for whatever reason, and largely because she is, well, a luscious little jellybean. Strawberry, I think.

I hope to dazzle and entertain you with the new blog in the same manner I did with the old, unless the old blog just bored you and drove you to watch 'Maury' rather than deal with the banalities of my existence. THIS blog will be better, I promise. It will be more about the Beaner and less about me. Maybe. But she's just sleeping right now (see uneventful yet super-cute picture below), and I on the other hand am taking part in the yearly tradition that is watching Independence Day, one of the worst movies ever. I mean, really, The Fresh Prince punches an alien, that's just silly. Any why am I watching it on the 3rd? Because that's when the movie starts, duh. And in case you forgot, I'm still super-compulsive.

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