Friday, July 18, 2008

Two Once More

The guests have departed, and though it was a short visit, it was just long enough. Although I love my Cousin Jim dearly, I forget sometimes that he's a boy. And he's known his friend Jeff for almost 20 years, so whenever they're together they sit and mumble private jokes to each other, which can get a little old. I was done with them both on the second day when they left me with a fussy baby, washing bottles tired and headachy, and went upstairs to take naps. Maybe Jim has had too much of watching his nieces and nephews - he just wasn't that into The Bean. So I had house guests and a fussy two-month old with an out-of-whack schedule and about 3-5 hours of sleep (non-consecutive) a night. Thank God the Tata is coming tonight (and offered to come tomorrow if need be, bless her precious punkin heart).
We had a fun time Wednesday night- went to CPE's and played Rockband, which was probably the last thing Ta wanted to do on her birfday, but was a good group activity and CPE was freaking hilarious. We went to a couple movies and had some good meals. The guys read a lot - Jim is re-reading the Harry Potter series for like the millionth time, which made me crazy - they drive all this way just to sit and read stuff they've read before?! Oh well. I can't expect everyone to be as excited about a two-month old as I am.
Ms. Losing Her Hair is doing fine. Definitely more awake during the daytime, which would be good if it meant better sleeping at night, but doesn't seem to have affected it. My honeymoon of taking her with me to movies is definitely over. She continues to have some congestion and gas problems, but not much to be done there. Otherwise she is mostly a happy baby and is starting to take more interest in the world around her. I got her a couple new toys for her car seat bar and glider, and she's pretty excited by them.
I booked my flight for Cincinnati at the end of August so have a month to freak out.

I go back to work in one week.

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