Friday, July 4, 2008

Look at Me, Ma, I'm Posting!

Happy Fourth of July!

I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning since Jellybean's Tata spent the night last night and took the Beaner for me. I got a good solid 9 hours sleep and feel like I could, well, still take a nap - but it felt GREAT to get that sleep. Jelly may finally be switching over to a more reasonable nighttime schedule - she went from 8-12:30, and then from 1-5. And then slept til 9:30! Huzzah! It's either one of two factors; I've been keeping her awake more during the day, and she slept in the crib last night so wasn't disturbed by me tossing and turning. But, so great, we just put the Snuggle Nest in the crib so she was all cozy and she didn't once fuss to have the pacifier shoved back in her mouth.

Today I'm taking it easy, drinking coffee and watching old Law and Order episodes in my jammies. Tonight Jellybean will be attending her first hacker meeting - nothing like some positive male role models for the Bean (but seriously, they are a great bunch of geeks and don't do anything harmful, and will be awesome resources). Tomorrow I may go and look for a new couch - I really, really miss the sectional, and this couch is so damn uncomfortable.

Have a nice long weekend, everyone!

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