Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Mumblings

I realized I never posted about my Best Day Ever a few weeks ago. And now too much time has passed for it to be fresh and exciting, since ages of non-sleep have occurred in the meantime. Suffice it to say, I had a chair massage, an Orange Julius, and a complement from a stranger on the skirt I was wearing in my first fully non-maternity outfit since The Bean arrived. So it was totally like my birfday or something. It was awesome.

It is now less than one week until I return to work. I had a nightmare that I logged into my Outlook email account and had 311,000 Unread emails. After 10 weeks, that might not be too far off. The good news is I finally got everything sorted out with the nanny payroll company and my awesome nanny is coming Thursday and Friday to get the schedule figured out. I'm kinda excited - I get to go out and DO stuff, without a baby! Maybe I'll get an Icee. I can't wait.

This week is pretty quiet. I finally got my grass cut, although I have a little guilt because it's almost an acre yard and I talked them down to $30 with the 'I'm a single mom' line. But you know, it's true, and I totally can't do it myself. Uh, plus it's a bazillion degrees out and I'd die. And then where would Jellybean be? Speaking of which, I called and left ANOTHER message with the lawyer so I can set up a living trust like a responsible adult. Dude won't call me back. Sheesh, lawyers.

CPE lent me her PS2 while Jim and Jeff were here so we could play some DDR, and I keep trying to sneak in time to finish Psychonauts. It ain't happening. Although I have become very adept at working a controller while holding a squirmy child, if it's after 8 pm I know I should be sleeping so just can't find the time to play. Ah, my old life, when I had all the time in the world and was actually 'bored' often, and had money to spend on frivolous luxuries like fancy shampoo and the good orange juice. I actually stood on the scale with the baby this morning because I'm getting ready to have to buy diapers again and I don't want to get stuck with a whole bunch in a size that don't fit. Needy child.

This weekend Beaner will be having her first sleepover at Tata's house. I'm going to go out with the hackers since my friend CB, who moved to Atlanta last year, is in town. I might even have an alcoholic beverage. I can't wait.

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