Monday, July 28, 2008

Working it Out

So here I am, back at work. The time that I have dreaded since, well, pretty much since I even got the idea in my head to do this crazy thing. And despite some sleepless nights lost to needless worrying, everything seems to be just fine. The nanny's little boy is having some trouble adjusting and BOY, is he a screamer, so hopefully he'll calm down once he gets use to the new schedule and being at my place. And, uh, hopefully it won't rub off on my calm placid little Bean who is still good-natured and sunny and non-crying.

Work this week should be blessedly quiet as I slowly ease back into things, starting with the just-under-a-thousand emails in my inbox. Blech. And then I have to plan my first Trip to Boston Away From Baby, which is the next keep-me-up-at-night item.

My last free weekend was good- Tata kept the Beaner for me Friday night so I could hang out with some friends who were in town, and it was bizarre to be out at a bar for the first time in basically over a year. But I made sure to be home at 11 pm, since I didn't want to miss out on that gift of sleep! Yesterday we parked on the couch and just relaxed, which was nice, since I could be close to the Kleenex box as I was bawling every five seconds thinking about this week. I just keep telling myself, I'm very lucky. And I hope it lasts. Fingers crossed, everyone!
The 2-month old

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Amelia's Mom said...

Wow - she looks so grownup already!! And really pretty in pink - signature colour?