Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Illustrator Man

I got a call about an hour ago from Cousin Jim - don't worry, he hasn't cancelled his trip, but he's now going to bring his friend Jeff along. I guess because Jeff is freelance he doesn't have to worry about office hours or anything, and he'll be able to keep Jim company on the drive and they LOVE to roadtrip together. They've been friends for like a billion years. It should be interesting - I really adore Jeff so actually don't mind a bit, once I got over the initial disappointment of not having my beloved cuz to myself. Secretly, I'm a little bit excited, because I had written a story for Jenny while I was pregnant, the night I came up with her name, and I consequently came up with the never-going-to-happen-in-a-million-years idea for Jeff to illustrate it. You see, he's like a professional illustrator (check out some of his stuff on Amazon, or go to his website. He's ridiculously talented. There's no chance in hell he'll do it for the pittance I'd be able to afford, unless I can somehow subtly remind him of how he use to totally be in love with me and should do it just for old time's sake. It's really a cute story and would make an awesome book, not that I care about selling it or anything (although that would be cool). I just really want it for Miss Fussy McPantsalot, She Who Is Not Sleeping Tonight and Hence the Blog Post.
Wish me luck with the begging. It should be a SUPER fun week. Tata's birthday is this Wednesday; Happy Birfday, Tata!

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