Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Asian Sleep Torture with a side of Basil Tofu

Sorry about my lack of posting this week (and the lack of updated photos on Jellybean’s site), but it’s been a very rough sleep week. So rough that I first spelled ‘posting’ as ‘poasting’. Which would be a combination of writing to a blog while cooking a chicken, I guess.

My best guess is that Jenny is still messed up from being away for a week and being sick. Also, I made the critical mistake in thinking that because she slept well in the crib for a nap, she’d do ok for the long haul. No dice. Every two hours last night. Literally. It was like back in the newborn days, only I was totally unprepared so it was like a slap in the face with a cold bass every time she woke up. And by ‘bass’ I mean fish, not musical instrument. Although, both would apply.

So I’ve got this ridiculously crazy week of work and am headed for the long weekend, in which I have to fly with a three month old, on a low reserve of the good stuff. I think I need to go back to my pregnancy plan of napping during my lunch break or else I’m going to crash. I already ended up with a migraine Monday night and do NOT want a repeat of that. Luckily the delicious prescription Ibuprofen I have squirreled away from my c-section surgery took care of it, but it was still a few hours for relief. During which time I was exceedingly grateful that the Bean is such a quiet, easy child, as I limply lay on the couch wishing for death and she happily watched The Big Black Box That Often Has Loud Moving Pictures but Only Seems to Show Law and Order Episodes.

So tonight I am having dinner with Quiet, which I am really looking forward to. It’s been like a gazillion years since I’ve seen him (just after I moved into the house in March, I think) and he’s always a good one for the gossiping. Plus we’re going to my favorite Thai place. Cousin J is going to watch out for Little Rotten, who is apparently good as gold and sleeps for days when she is with anybody else so things should go smoothly. Then tomorrow is lunch with the girls, and then it’s Friday, and then we leave! Argh! Don’t get me wrong, I am delirious with excitement about getting to see all my family and show off the baby. Just a little stressed about the trip itself. There are only so many times I can re-read Delta’s website.

I'm not this cute at 2 am

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