Friday, August 1, 2008

Fridays I'm in Love

I really can’t stress enough how grateful I am for my Nanny. I can hear her, right now, downstairs, cooing to the babies in a totally un-self-conscious way. She’s always on time, and talks to them, and reads to them, and plays music, and even asked me who the people were in the People Who Love Baby softbook so that she could show Jenny all the people who love her. SO PRECIOUS.

I got some sleep last night so am less weepy today, and it’s FRIDAY!!! That means I can get naps tomorrow, although I have a pile of laundry and the house has a distinctive daycare-center type odor so I need to air the place out. It’s tax-free weekend here so I am going to do my best to not spend any money. And it’s my mum’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Grandma! You’re the best! We miss you!

Have a nice weekend, everyone. Keep your fingers crossed for my poor sister who is ready to pop (I think her preference is that you cross your fingers that she WILL have the baby; man, I can remember that feeling, only a few months ago, where you’re thinking, ‘Ok, just COME OUT already, I’d rather deal with anything than this!’, soon to be followed by, ‘Oh, crap, go back in, I’m not ready!’). We’re ready to meet you, Dex!

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marit said...

I can't wait to meet The Nanny (tell me if we should stop calling her that, huh?).