Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Better Bean, a Tragic Menu Choice, Some Happy Cocktails and a Lovely Evening

Little sickly

Beaner is better, I guess, I am still not there so am still guilt-ridden and worried about her. I know everyone is taking good care of her and she’s getting daily baths and medication and stuff, but still. Hey, 24 hours til I land back in Raleigh, that’s exciting! Her poor long-suffering
Tata not only got poo on her shirt last night, Jenny jetted all over her bed (soaking through a onesie, jammies, down comforter, sheets, etc.). She must really like her.

Last night I drowned my sorrows at a totally awesome vineyard, Nashoba Valley Winery. No, seriously, it was unbelievable. We did the fixed price menu, which was $45 for three courses and included a different glass of wine with each course. The most awesome-est was the Strawberry Rhubarb. Mmmmm… pie wine. My coworker has promised to send me monthly shipments. The food was fantastic as well. I always get a little excited when the chef sends out a complementary amuse bouche. Here's a picture so you know where to go for my wedding reception.

The vineyard. Freakin' gorgeous.

The previous night’s theme, however, was apparently ‘White Trash’, and, sad to say, it was not as exciting as I had hoped. I decided to give in to my KFC craving and went all-out, and boy, was it disappointing. The local chicken establishment must not move a lot of original recipe poultry parts, since the pieces I got were dry and pitiful. There was not a drip of grease to be found. The potatoes tasted funny, the slaw was soupy, and I decided to not even attempt the biscuit. Plus the MSG-riddled flesh kept me awake an extra hour than I would have liked.


I found the local liquor store!! It’s really super shady and seedy, in a lousy part of town in a crappy strip mall in a terrible neighborhood. I actually considered taking my laptop into the store with me because guys sitting in their cars were eyeballing me. I panicked and bought whatever was sitting at the cash register in a mini bottle, which ended up being several varieties of berry Pucker, a white chocolate Godiva, and a Skyy Lemonade vodka. I literally skipped out to the car, I was so excited. My next trip I have decided I am going to get a bottle of olives and some vermouth and a really good vodka and have dirty martinis every night. Too bad the hotel doesn’t have a blender.

My sister finally released long-awaited pics of the heir to the throne, and boy, is he a cute one. He is a perfect mix of his father, his sister, and his own person. In one picture he even looks a little bit like my Jenny. All these dark-haired babies! He’s a big one, too. I am worried that some of the sleepers I’ve picked up won’t even fit him now. I should have known better and bought GL (Giraffe Linebacker) sizes. I can’t wait to see him. It kills me that it will be 4 months and he’ll be a totally different person.

Nathan Cael, 10-lb whale

At some point I should post on what a crazy week this has been for having long-forgotten people get in touch with me (my ex-boyfriend from like 5 years ago! my friend Dana from like 8 years ago!) but I've taken up too much of your precious interweb time already. No post tomorrow, I'll be traveling (huzzah!), so have a good weekend.

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