Thursday, August 28, 2008

Less Debt, More Filling

Glory, glory hallelujah! No, I did not get sleep last night, it is still more elusive than the mythical ‘unicorn’ or ‘perfect man’. But I did get a call from my cousin’s coworker’s husband (get that?), who is a lawyer, and he is going to file the Termination of Parental Rights for me this November for almost HALF of what the other shyster was going to charge me. That is the best frickin’ news, since I had no idea what magic fairy was going to bestow that cash.

Since we’re talking about it, I suppose some of you would be interested in knowing how dinner went last night. DELICIOUS, of course!! I was a little embarrassed because I ordered spring rolls and ate them before Quiet even got there, and I only arrived 7 minutes before him. But yes, another great meal. Oh, and I suppose you want to know how things went with Quiet? Well, it was AWESOME to see him He looks great, and I know he’s working hard to cook healthy vegetarian meals and stomp around on his Wii Fit (I’m telling you, everyone has one but me), so, go him! It was admittedly a little bit awkward, kind of like first-date-nervousness, because I hadn’t seen him in so long and wasn’t too sure if there were taboo topics or how things would be. But he seemed pretty cool about everything, which was a relief. I think it’s important to keep that communication no matter what, so I’m hoping we can meet up again in a few months. It’s funny because everyone else is like, ‘So is it weird, seeing your baby daddy?’ and I’m like, ‘Huh?! Who? Where?!’, because I really don’t even think of it like that. Quiet is just, well, Quiet, my ol’ pal who helped me out with a favor. I don’t even think of him when I look at Jellybean. It’s ludicrous to think that he’s someone’s father, especially in the context of MY baby, who is mine and mine alone! Hopefully he feels the same – that he can look at pictures of the Bean and think, ‘Aw, that’s a cute baby that she had all by herself, how nice for her’.

And he’s going to post his Bean Burrito recipe for me, so that’s exciting to look forward to.

And thanks again to Cousin J, awesome babysitter to the stars, who did her best to play with sleepy Bean and try to keep her awake. And I didn't even leave her pizza money or anything, I'm such a bad mother.

Only TWO DAYS til we rock the ‘Nati!

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